"Mount Baker"
"Mount Baker" 18"x20" Oil
"Spring Storm"
"Spring Storm" 20"x18" Oil
"Painted Pony"
"Painted Pony" 16"x12" Oil and Pastel
Fractured 16"x24" Oil
"Looking Inward"
"Looking Inward" 14"x12" Oil
"Amelia" 12"x14" OIl
"Rio Grande"
"Rio Grande" Oil
"Lisbon" 11.5"x16" Oil
"Lagos" 11.5"x16" Oil
"Flamingo Pair"
"Flamingo Pair" 10"x8" Oil on canvas
"Wild Horse"
"Wild Horse" Oil and Mixed Media Sold
"I am the Walrus"
"I am the Walrus" 8"x10" Oil
"Autumn in Amsterdam"
"Autumn in Amsterdam" 11"x15" Watercolor
"Butte America"
"Butte America" 9"x12" Watercolor
"Morning walk in Italy"
"Morning walk in Italy" 7"x5" Watercolor
"Jackalope" 12"x9" Watercolor
"Mystic" 12"x9" Watercolor
"Wise Old Owl"
"Wise Old Owl" 12"x9" Watercolor
"Pug Life"
"Pug Life" Sold 11"x14" Watercolor
"Inbetween Dreams"
"Inbetween Dreams" 12"x10" Watercolor
"Evening Sun"
"Evening Sun" Oil on canvas 8"x10" Sold
"Evening Sun"
"Evening Sun" Oil on canvas 8"x10" Sold
"Indian Summer"
"Indian Summer" Oil on Masonite 32"x48" Sold
"Hazel" Oil on Masonite 32"x48" Sold
"Defeated" Oil and Mixed Media 32"x48"
"Spirit Guide"
"Spirit Guide" Oil on Masonite 48"x32"
"The Embrase"
"The Embrase" Oil on Masonite
"Nostalgic" Oil on Masonite 32"x48"
"Fallen" Oil and Mixed Media
"Dancer" Oil on wood
"Early Fall"
"Early Fall" Watercolor
"Storm Sleeper"
"Storm Sleeper" Watercolor
"Golden Teachers"
"Golden Teachers" Watercolor
"Floating Feeling"
"Floating Feeling" Watercolor

Jamie (Greene) Thompson Fine Art

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